Grants and Funding

Find financial support for your projects and organisational growth

Applying for grants is a proactive way to develop your collecting organisation and deliver projects to attract new visitors. There are hundreds of grants and funding opportunities available across the country that offer support to the arts, cultural and heritage sectors.

We have collated a list of available grants on the National AMaGA website that we will continue to update as new opportunities come along. We recommend you make a list of grants that might be relevant to your organisation and its future plans and keep an eye on opening and closing dates.

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How do I apply for a grant?

Every grant is different – the eligibility criteria, the information you need to provide, and the method of application will change depending on the grant you are applying for. But applying for a grant is not rocket science – you can do it! We recommend speaking to a representative from the grant provider before applying to ask for guidance and clarification on what they are funding.

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We’re here to help

Feeling unsure about how to put together a grant application? AMaGA members can access AMaGA Western Australia’s Fee For Service consultations and have a representative read through your grant application and provide advice on how to align proposals to meet the funding provider’s agenda. We also provide letters of support for Member organisations to endorse your applications. Contact the WA Branch office for more information.

Tips for Applying for Grants

Opening and closing dates

Don’t leave your application to the last minute – late submissions are very rarely accepted and you never know what technical hitch you may face when you are trying to submit those final documents.

Grant requirements

Check what information you need to provide and how to submit it. Online submissions may require you to complete forms on a website or upload a Word document. Others ask you to deliver hard copies to a physical address. Check submission guidelines before starting your application.

Be professional

Make your application look and sound as professional as possible – make sure it is typed and not handwritten, and that it is clearly written, doesn’t contain grammatical or spelling errors, and presents your project and organisation well.

Apply for different grants

Don’t limit your funding opportunities to one or two grant providers – demonstrating that you have support from other funding bodies can be beneficial for many applications. Plus, waiting periods between funding applications will limit your ability to move between projects quickly.

Grant validity

Grants usually have expiry dates for when you must use the funds and submit a report or acquittal. Before applying, make sure these dates fit within your project scope (eg. Don’t apply for a grant that must be used in 2020 if your event is on 1 January 2021.)

Grant eligibility

We know your project deserves to be funded but make sure that your project is relevant to the grant you are applying for. Read the selection criteria and make sure you can tick every (or almost every) box. If you are unsure, call the provider and ask for clarification.

Plan ahead

Put annual grant opportunities into your diary so you know when opportunities will be coming up. Then you can plan your projects around available funding.

Core Grant Providers in WA


Lotterywest supports Western Australian organisations to deliver projects that benefit the wider community. When applying for a Lotterywest grant, you need to show that your project will deliver positive community impact based on their Community Investment Framework.

NOTE: The State Government, through Lotterywest, is committing $159 million to COVID19 Relief Funding. Applications are currently being received only for Western Australian not-for-profit community sector organisations and local government authorities to provide crisis and emergency relief services for health and social sectors. They will be working with Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and VenuesWest to develop a support package for organisations who have or will experience hardship as a result of event cancellations caused by COVID and they are also considering recovery and re-emergence support for once the pandemic crisis is resolved.

Keep up to date with the latest information by visiting the Lotterywest Grants website.

Local Governments

Local Governments and Shire Councils provide funding and in-kind support to community organisations to help get projects off the ground. Contact your local Government for funding accessible to your organisation.

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development logo

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Through nine Regional Development Commissions located across the state, the State Government provides support and funding to organisations located in regional and remote areas to develop projects and initiatives that promote community development and tourism. Contact your nearest Regional Development Commission for more information.

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

This State Government department provides grants and funding to support vibrant and sustainable arts, culture and creative industry sectors in WA. The Department offers funding for individuals and organisations to create new projects and opportunities within the sector. For the latest funding rounds and eligibility criteria, visit the DLGSC website.

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Local Businesses

Asking local businesses to invest in your project can be beneficial to both organisations. Seeking in-kind support can also help to get your project off the ground – whether it is free rental of a space for your event, food and drink donations for the opening party, or asking your local industries to help build or move your new storage shed. Remember to thank them for their kind support and they will be more willing to help out again in the future!