We’re excited to announce that 14 members from WA received bursaries to attend the Museums Galleries Australia National Conference in Melbourne, 4-7 June this year.

“Agents of Change” is the theme and the program looks full to the brim with great speakers, regional and community days, tours, and national network meetings.  It can be a challenge to get to the National Conference each year so this year we’re bringing the conference to you. Some of our bursary recipients have agreed to be our Conference Correspondents!

Conference Correspondents are going to be sharing their expectations, experiences and learning from MGA2018 via this blog and our Facebook page so you can experience the conference through their eyes. Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce our correspondents and what they’re most looking forward to at MGA2018. In the meantime, if you want to hear what they have to say, make sure you subscribe to this blog, follow our Twitter profile (they’re going to be live tweeting) and have liked our Facebook page. You won’t want to miss a thing.

Let me introduce our first WA Conf-erespondent.

curtis mckinley

“My background is a front of house and a back of house volunteer at the WA Museum since 2011. I was also formally a research volunteer at the Armadale Local History Museum in 2016-2017. I am also currently a volunteer archivist at the Museum of Perth. I completed an Undergraduate Degree in Historical Archaeology at the University of Note Dame Australia Fremantle campus in WA. I grew up, and still currently am, a resident of Perth, WA.

What I’m most looking forward to about the conference is leadership, cultural sector knowledge, skills, and understanding and being able to hear from the industry experts on keeping museum practices and standards current and of a high calibre while still being able to preserve the past.

I also want to be able to hear from, and take away, any potential solutions to problems I might have in archiving, research, databasing, collecting or conservation.

I want to be able to create a challenge for myself in the museum and gallery industry. I also want to be able to better incorporate small, medium, NGO and large museum/galleries and cultural institutions, historical societies. I want to be able to grow my professional network, hear from older, younger, and mid career professionals and take away their knowledge and apply it to the WA Museum.

It will also broaden my horizons and allow me to specialise in one particular area of interest or expand my horizons to feel where I fit in within the museum and gallery scene. I also hope to be able to learn how to advance my collection management software skills.”

If you’re attending the conference and would like to share your thoughts, get in touch and we’ll add you to the list.