We’re excited to announce that 14 members from WA received bursaries to attend the Museums Galleries Australia National Conference in Melbourne, 4-7 June this year. They’re going to act as Confe-respondents to be your eyes and ears on the ground.

Let me introduce Confe-respondent #5….


malcolm traill


I have worked at the Museum of the Great Southern in Albany now for almost ten years, but have been involved in the history and heritage industry for much longer, as a librarian and a historian.

I am a regular conference-goer. Not only do I enjoy the travel away, but I find it is a great place to meet new faces, swap ideas and generally absorb a bit of inspiration. Working in a small regional museum, where it is difficult and expensive to get away, you do need to get some fresh viewpoints to bring to your working life and that of your museum community.

My daily job is Public Programs Officer, but, in a small staff, we do almost everything. As a historian, most of the history queries come my way. As a former café owner, I help out with the catering for openings too!

My regular task is to organise the Tuesday Curatorial series, which has become legendary in the WA Museum world. It is a weekly talk on mainly local historical topics that attracts a faithful audience of 70-100 people every week. It just shows how much interest there is in history and heritage out there in the community.

In fact, when I return, I’ll be talking at the Curatorial about the Conference – what I learned, my impressions, and the role of museums in 2018. Melbourne is always a great place to visit — so much to do, and of special interest is an exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Entitled Colony: Australia 1770–1861 / Frontier Wars, it deals with all those issues that museums and galleries are good at — Safe Places for Unsafe Ideas!!

I’ll keep you posted!

Confe-respondents are going to be sharing their expectations, experiences and learning from MGA2018 via this blog and our Facebook page so you can experience the conference through their eyes. Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce our correspondents and what they’re most looking forward to at MGA2018. In the meantime, if you want to hear what they have to say, make sure you subscribe to this blog, follow our Twitter profile (they’re going to be live tweeting) and have liked our Facebook page. You won’t want to miss a thing.