MGA Indigenous Roadmap Audit

A must read for the cultural sector with some sobering statistics. Only 21% of organisations have a RAP; 35% have no policy to manage Indigenous cultural material; & 67% don’t have an Indigenous board member. Clearly a role for us all to play in driving forward & supporting change.

Museums Galleries Australia (MGA) is a peak advocacy body committed to protecting and
promoting Australia’s arts, culture and heritage. At a national, state, regional and community
level, MGA represents a wide and diverse range of; museums, galleries, historic sites,
research organisations, art and cultural centres across Australia.
Museums Galleries Australia (MGA) is developing a 10-year Roadmap for museums and
galleries working with Indigenous peoples. The goal of the project is to develop a roadmap
for better Indigenous participation and representation in museums and galleries.
The Roadmap has several stages, including;
• a Literature Review;
• an Issues Paper;
• Community Consultation and Workshops with a national reach;
• Surveys (Individuals and Organisations);
• an Audit Report;
• an Analytical Report; and
• updates of Principles and Guidelines.
Supporting this process are; consultants Terri Janke and Company, a Steering Committee,
an Indigenous Advisory Group and hundreds of passionate individuals. Combined, these
elements contribute to the 10 Year Roadmap.
Information relating to the Roadmap is concentrated on a new website which acts as a
repository for the; Issues Paper, reports, guidelines and the website also as a noticeboard
for upcoming workshop dates and locations.
The goal of the Audit Report is to ascertain the current state of Indigenous participation and
representation in Australian museums and galleries.
The methodology taken in this Audit Report is to provide a summary of four different surveys
conducted via Survey Monkey. Survey results are presented as pie-charts or in comment
form. Important themes that are measurable are presented as Key Performance Indicators.