reCollections is the name of two different and fantastic resources!
reCollections is once a six-volume Australian publication about caring for a wide range of collection materials, developed by Artlab and Australian conservators for the Heritage Collections Council. It includes information about collection storage, display and handling and a glossary. Find it at The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material:

The name is also given to an online learning program you may find useful:

The Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation,
of the University of Melbourne, offers online conservation education programs
and a forum. These courses are designed to provide general information on a range of conservation topics for distributed collections and
for those working towards the preservation of cultural heritage.

The online course is aimed towards people who are caring and responsible for heritage collections, and will be useful and relevant to those working in community museums, historical societies, and with public and private collections. There are three topics covered in the course on materials, care and management, and a Q&A forum intended to provide information about the main causes of damage to heritage collections, and the management and practical measures for communities to collectively provide access and reduce the impact of these on the collections.


Museums Galleries Australia Western Australia can deliver mentored workshops in metro and regional locations to provide practical opportunities related to the online reCollections materials.

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