Museums Galleries Australia Indigenous Roadmap

The MGA Indigenous Roadmap project is an initiative by Museums Galleries Australia to facilitate discussion on how best to advance the participation and representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in museums and galleries.

Indigenous peoples are integral to a greater understanding of Australian history, art and culture. Museums and galleries offer a space where authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, art and culture can be considered, reviewed, analysed, re-assessed and ultimately understood. Museums and galleries also open up discussion around Indigenous history and heritage.

A closer relationship between Indigenous peoples and the museums and galleries sector will result in a more accurate, more truthful and ultimately a more complete understanding of Australian history.

The project aims to develop the Museums Galleries Australia Indigenous 10-Year Roadmap. This document will map out a plan for Indigenous engagement and employment over the next 10 years.

The project will be completed by Terri Janke and Company for Museums Galleries Australia.

An Issues Paper is available to read at – – to which additions are welcome.

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Image Credit: Terri Janke, 2017