Digital Access to Museums



Digital access unlocks collections held in large and small organisations, making them discoverable and available for everyone.

Museums are responsible for maintaining history and culture from the past to the present and ensure that it will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

But time does erode memories and artefacts alike, yet with the technology available we are able to capture our history before it crumbles to dust ensuring it’s availability for decades and hopefully centuries to come.

Digital Access to Collections have created a practical toolkit with steps for volunteers and staff in small to medium organisations in Australia that are collecting digital items, undertaking digitisation, and providing online access to their collections.

There is a huge amount of resources available on assisting digitisation of your museum however Museums Galleries Australia have compiled them for you below.

Digital strategy

Examples of digital strategies:

Preserving born-digital collections

Digital images, National Library of New Zealand –

Managing your digital records, National Library of Australia –

Digital Preservation project, National and State Libraries Australasia –

Contribute your collections to Trove

The National Library of Australia’s Trove is a discovery service which brings together content from libraries, museums, archives and other research organisations and provides tools to explore and build on the content.

You can contribute your digitised collections to Trove:

Victorian Collections

An information collection management system of cultural artefacts held by hundreds of Victorian organisations. It is free for use by Victorian collecting institutions.

Europeana Collections

Discovery service with content from institutions throughout Europe.

Flickr Commons

A lot of Australian institutions participate in Flickr Commons, goal of The Commons is to share hidden treasures from the world’s public photography archives.

Guggenheim storylines

This site offers varied avenues to access and understand the Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim exhibition’s visual and textual content.

Social media

Examples of social media strategies:


Rights statements for cultural heritage institutions –

Australian Digital Alliance

The ADA is a broad coalition of copyright users and innovators who support copyright laws that strike a balance between providing reasonable incentives for creators, on one hand, and the wider public interest in the advancement of learning, innovation and culture, on the other –

Creative Commons

Creative Commons provides resources which focus on understanding the principles of open licensing to help make your collections more open and engage your communities.

Writing for the web

Web analytics

Measuring web use through analytics makes sure you are providing excellent information and services to your users.

Google Analytics Academy –

Other helpful resources

Museums and Galleries NSW resources –

Museums and the web forum and conferences –

Museum Computer Network: Advancing digital transformation in museums –