Museums  Galleries Australia Western Australia (MGAWA) is the Western Australian branch of Museums Galleries Australia. MGAWA provides professional services to develop and sustain museums and galleries throughout Western Australia. MGAWA works with over 400 museums and public galleries in Western Australia who aspire to the National Standards for Museums and Galleries in Australia.

Museums Galleries Australia (formerly Museums Australia) was established in January 1994, through the merger of a number of separate museum associations. The aim was to pursue convergent objectives on a collaborative basis through one strong national body, with both institutional as well as individual membership supporting and providing direct expertise and input for the museums and galleries sector nationally.

As a non-government, non-profit body, Museums Galleries Australia promotes professional and ethical standards, facilitates training, advances knowledge, addresses issues, and raises public awareness through its national and international networks. Museums Galleries Australia Western Australia members across Western Australia actively and directly support national values and national programs. By providing a single voice for museums and galleries, Museums Galleries Australia incorporates Western Australian aspirations and expectations within an inclusive national context.

Within this national context, Museums Galleries Australia Western Australia supports the museums, galleries and cultural sector in Western Australia by:

  • providing information, advice and referral services to the sector, the cultural industry and the wider community;
  • providing professional development opportunities to individuals and collecting organisations;
  • identifying, structuring and mentoring career paths and employment opportunities within cultural heritage; and by
  • developing and implementing projects which benefit the sector and the wider community;
  • representing and responding to issues; and by
  • promoting national standards and the public value of museums.

This website is one of several initiatives designed to make our museums and galleries more accessible by promoting their collections, exhibitions, and public programs to local communities and visitors.

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Museums Galleries Australia WA Staff
Natalie Evans

Natalie Evans

Executive Director

Jessica Davies

Jessica Davies

Office Coordinator